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What are the terms?

We provide office space on a month to month contract with a 30 day cancelation notice. This give you the flexibility to manage costs that are in line with your business.

What areas are you a good fit for?

We focus on quality of life and are a good fit for people in the Snellville, Loganville and Grayson areas. A drive from Lawrenceville or even Lilburn would also be a fit since you are going opposite of traffic.

Are you Office Space, Co-Working or and Incubator?

We brand ourselves as an incubator but many people identify us as co-working, office space or accelerator space.

If I get a hot desk, will I be working next to someone else?

Yes, you will be working next to other people, startups and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment with energy, not a stuffy blocked off office.

What if I am not an entrepreneur?

We would enjoy having you if you are a startup, entrepreneur or just want a cool place to work from.

Can I scale up and down?

Yes, you can scale based on the month to month terms and cancellation policy. Many businesses get summer interns and scale the number of desks only for the summer. This is one example of our flexibility.